About Us


Thank you for visiting Cria & Co! Every collar is handcrafted in our little studio in NYC. I started making cat collars in 2021 when our cat Lollie moved in with us. Even though she’s an indoor-only cat, we wanted to make sure she always had a collar with her ID tag on in case she accidentally got out of the house. We purchased one at the store, but it never stayed on for more than a few minutes. I started examining store-bought collars more closely and realized that this might be because the materials were too rigid. So I cut off the hardware pieces from the collar and made a new one using a lightweight, soft suede strip. To my surprise, she never took that collar off again.

Having heard that a lot of cat owners shared my frustration with their cats getting out of their collars, I began selling my soft suede collars on Etsy. Later, as the holiday season approached, I worked on creating festive fabric bow collars that are not only soft for cats but also perfect for any holiday photo shoots. These soon became my bestsellers and I used it as an opportunity to add even more colors and designs, so that cat owners can dress up their pets for any occasion with our comfortable bow collars.

In 2022 I opened our own online store. My goal is to continue to create unique and stylish collars for your furry friends that will brighten up their life - just like it did mine!