Handmade Leather Cat Collar in Cinnamon Brown with Gold Bell - Soft Kitten Breakaway Collar - Non Breakaway Option Available


Handmade with high quality cowhide leather, our cat or kitten collar is soft yet durable. The collar has a stunning cinnamon brown tone which will look fabulous on any cat or kitten. It comes with an adjustable buckle for easy fitting and also includes a bell for safety so you can hear where your pet is at all times.

Our cat collars are available in the following sizes:

KITTEN - adjustable 5.5" to 9" (14cm to 22.9cm) recommended for kittens and smaller cats
CAT - adjustable 8" to 12" (20.3cm to 30.5cm) recommended for average sized adult cats

Our collars are 3/8" (1cm) wide.

If you need a larger or smaller size, please feel free to contact me and set up a custom order for you.

For safety reasons, please do not attach a leash to this collar.

Colors of the actual item may appear different due to your lighting and screen setup. Our collars are hand embroidered so patterns may appear slightly different from one to the next.

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