Gray Soft Suede Leather Cat Collar with Silver Bell - Breakaway Kitten Collar with Bell - Non Breakaway Options Available


This gray leather cat collar is handmade using high quality suede leather that is soft to the touch so your kitty won't mind it wearing it all day long. With a minimalist design and stylish gray color, this collar will sure complement any fur color. This collar comes with your choice of breakaway buckle for added safety or a luxurious silver metal non breakaway buckle. Since the metal buckle is heavier, we recommend the breakaway buckle on kittens younger than 4 months.

Our cat collars come in the following sizes:

KITTEN - adjustable 5.5" to 8" (14cm to 20.3cm) recommended for kittens
CAT - adjustable 8" to 12" (20.3cm to 30.5cm) recommended for average sized adult cats

Our collars are 3/8" (1cm) wide.

If you need a larger or smaller size, please feel free to contact me and set up a custom order for you.

For safety reasons, please do not attach a leash to this collar.

Please note that the colors may appear different depending on your screen setup.

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